Company’s values, and why they matter


Monika Kinlovicova

Your culture is what makes you or breaks you

A company’s culture – if done right – is a fundamental attribute of every company and affects all its aspects. A healthy corporate culture can help the company to meet its business goals and smooth its daily operational processes. Starting by the easier attraction of the talent pool, retaining existing employees, impacting the performance of teams and thus the entire company, strengthening the ties between the team members, and hence growing the employees’ – but also customers’ loyalty.

When, however, implementation of the company culture goes wrong, it is nothing more than the words written somewhere on the company’s website, or on the whiteboards. The employees as well as the top management, struggle to make the real connection between the meaning of those words, their daily work life, and the company’s mission.

Countless studies are showing that in the current world, many talented employees leave their companies because of the toxic company culture.

Many companies – although paying well, have issues attracting the right talent to their ranks because many candidates base their decisions about whether to join or not, on the “gut feeling” they get about the company – which is nothing more than the company’s culture represented outwards. And no, money doesn’t play such a big role in evaluating a company’s culture as you would think. On the other hand, many companies have much less trouble attracting talented people simply because people want to be a part of their team and contribute to the company’s vision and business strategy.


When we started on the market as DEV PACK in 2017, we knew that we didn’t want to become a big corporate for which the numbers would be more interesting than people. We were determined to concentrate on quality over quantity, and our approach paid back. We were able to build long-lasting relationships not only with our clients but also with our consultants. The magic behind? We took our values seriously, and for us, these weren’t just empty words, but the way we lived within the company. We built a culture that attracts the right talent pool and helps us maintain valuable connections with our clients. That’s why we established our new brand, DEV Course in 2022 with the same goals in our mind.

What, then, are DEC Course’s values?

INNOVATIVE SOURCING – we know that talented, experienced people don’t stay in the job market for too long, and are often already employed on other projects. That’s why we’re using the most innovative sourcing methods that can help us to get in touch with the candidates who currently don’t look for new opportunities, or with those who just appeared on the job market.

PARTNERSHIP – we create an equal partnership not only with our customers but also with our consultants and business partners. We are proud of the achievements in our partnerships, but we are also blunt about the obstructions on the way to our goals. Most importantly, though, in our partnerships, we are determined to maintain open communication where all parties have their say, and their words are heard. And yes, we do take this seriously. Our consultants know that our door, as well as our ears, are open. There is no superiority or inferiority. And that matters because we created an environment where people are not afraid to talk – exactly as it is supposed to be in a good partnership.

IDEAL FIT – we are not a big recruitment agency. Our DEV Course brand has the family feel, and that is how we want to keep it. We don’t chase the numbers, and we won’t manipulate our candidates or clients into a partnership that won’t be profitable for both parties. That’s why, when we say that we find an ideal fit, we mean it. We always see a human being behind every candidate.

As you can see, our values go hand in hand with each other, support each other and create a whole together. More importantly – we make a lot of effort to live by them and implement them in our daily life.

Some studies concluded that one of the most common reasons for a start-up crash is a poorly formed team that, while having results, is unable to keep the business going. Equally dangerous are poorly functioning teams for well-established companies, where their very existence may not be directly threatened, but further growth and profits.

A healthy company’s culture is not just a set of empty words, but can and should support your business goals.


Better business results – a study among the largest American corporations shows that a positive and functional company’s culture has a direct impact on profits. It increases the value and attractiveness of the company in the labor market and participates in the world of toughly competitive brands in creating customer preferences and loyalty.

A well-defined company’s identity – there is a common agreement among the experts that companies with strong company culture are more successful. As you focus on building and pertaining your company identity, people notice. It will be easier to recruit new colleagues and attract new clients because well-defined values ​​are a magnet for capable people.

Lower turnover, satisfied employees = higher productivity.  Have you ever been sick just of the idea that you have to go to work? This is probably not a good business card for any employer. The company culture should be designed to reduce work stress, and create workplaces where employees feel good and do their job well. The atmosphere in the company has a major impact on the success or failure of achieving the goals and efficiency of your people.

If you have properly laid the foundations for your company culture and its values, as it is in our case, then it will be easier to attract the employees that will accept and share those values.

We have succeeded in this as well, at DEV Course – we have created a team that adheres to basic ideas and values, works systematically with them, shapes them, and further develops them. Our corporate culture has become an essential part of our brand identity. It expresses the vision and mission of our business, sets the next direction, and attracts suitable talents for further cooperation. We shape the future by what we believe, and this makes our work more meaningful.

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