About us

Our backstory

We are the brand of DEV PACK, the company that started its business activities in 2017. At first, we concentrated on the Project Management, but soon, our clients were asking us more and more to help them with the IT Outsourcing because they liked our approach to things.

We have highly skilled IT recruitment team that is using all innovate tools for seeking for the right candidate for your company. We’re build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, as we always prefer quality over quantity, and we go beyond recruitment. We build partnerships.

Few words from our CEO

Recruitment and not only that, but especially HR as a complex discipline, protecting all possible life situations and stages in an individual’s career, accompanies my entire professional career. Whether in the role of a candidate, recruiter, manager or company owner or CEO, it’s always about people! My passion is to connect individuals with opportunities that move them on the path to their dreams and ambitions. I love situations where we can connect the candidate with the company of his dreams, equip him with the necessary set of soft and hard skills, and we can continue to follow his progress and the path to his dream goal. Our work is about people, with people and for people. It just makes sense!

Dagmar Poláchová, CEO, DEV PACK


For candidates


Available Jobs

Look at our carrier section and see if any of the listing suits you.



If you find nothing, fill in our Registration form.


Screening call

One of our recruitment specialists will get in touch with you and organize a short call.


Follow-up interview

If we both like each other, we organize an interview, when we dive deeper to your preferences and skills.


Introduction to the client

When we find a suitable project/placement for you, we inform you upfront, and inform you about the conditions.


Interview with the client

If you like what we presented, we organize the interview with the client.


Hooray, you have a job!

For companies


1st contact

Get in touch with us through our Contact form, or simply call us and share with us your requirements.


Specifications of requirements

Someone from our team will get in touch with you, and ask any further details we might require.


Executive search

We begin searching the market for the ideal match.


Innovative methods

With our tools, we approach also the passive candidates who are not currently searching for the new job.


Saving money and time

We screen the suitable candidates for you, and send only those who are a good fit.


Closing a deal

We found a candidate, you employ them.



You pay for our services only after we find the suitable match for you. Never before.

Why us

Saving your resources

We save your time and money. We do the screening and assessment, and only send you the most suitable picks.


We use our own innovative tools, so we get ahead of competition, without them even knowing what you’re looking for.


We always work with your requirements, and take to consideration your needs.

Our Recruiter

Michal Bubeník

My vision is to help technical and IT engineers and managers to find the new work opportunities that are right for them. IT recruitment is a challenge, but I always see humans behind it. I went through the work for the big corporations and decided to start working as an independent consultant because it is allowing me to have a more personal relationship with my candidates and clients.

I am collaborating with DEV Course because while I’m given the freedom, I also have the support of a highly skilled team, and my voice is always heard when it comes to decision-making processes. We’re putting candidates and clients in the first place, and prefer quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what suits me.