Employee recruitment

what you need

We specialise in providing services in all areas of employee recruitment

We can find suitable candidates for any position and any type of contract, working across a variety of sectors. We use innovative methods that work well even in the ever-changing job market. We work with small and medium sized businesses as well as multinational corporations. We are able to find candidates for full-time positions in both private and public entities.

Who should use this service?

All companies that need to fill vacant positions reliably, professionally and without administrative burden. For companies looking to save time, money and human resources. For those who are starting to get overwhelmed by recruitment and do not want to expand their own HR department. The service is suitable for one-off recruitment as well as for long-term collaboration through the allocation of our HR team.

What will we take care of?

All of agenda

We will take care of all the agenda regarding identification, selection, employment history and reference checks.

First interview

We will conduct the first round of interviews as well as the final selection of candidates. To you, we only send the candidates who are suitable for the position.

financial terms

We will negotiate the candidate’s financial terms and final contractual arrangements.


We will take care of the onboarding and adaptation process for your new employees.


We will provide follow-up coaching or mentoring while being flexible and respectful to your requirements.

No burdening

All of that quickly and without burdening your internal HR team, who can fully concentrate on their daily agenda.

How we work


First contact

Contact us via our contact form or simply call us and tell us your requirements.


Detailed specifications

One of our team members will get in touch with you to ask for any further details we might need.


Looking for suitable candidates

We will enter the market and start looking for suitable candidates.


Innovative methods

With our tools, we will reach out even to the passive candidates who are not currently looking for a new job.


Money and time savings

We will screen suitable candidates for you and select only those who match your expectations.


Closing the deal

We will find the right candidate for you to hire.



You will pay for our services after we find a suitable candidate for you. You will never pay in advance.


Tell us what kind of candidates you are looking for

Someone from our recruitment team will contact you to clarify your requirements.

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